Grand Akhyati Villas and Spa - Bali Villas: Umalas, Kerobokan, Bali
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Akhyati Villas, Umalas village, Kerobokan, Bali, Grand Akhyati Villas and Spa
Grand Akhyati is glad to share the secret of beauty and fitness. No better place to pamper your body, indulge your senses and rejuvenate your soul. Here, with our supreme relaxation program and natural ingredients, your toe to head will be touched and refreshed by the dancing fingers of our well-trained therapists.

The Spirit Of Umalas - 2 hours (USD 49 ++)
Discover and enjoy the benefits of this relaxing and soothing treatment. Our professional masseuses will begin the treatment by soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water, containing camphor footbath. Next follows a full body massage in Balinese style, using coconut cinnamon essential massage oil for total relaxation. A Body scrub and body mask will then be applied to the whole body, to lift out impurities and dead skin.

The final ritual in this wonderful 2-hours treatment will be a warm aromatic tropical bath. To complete the experience a hot cup of Jasmine tea, will be offered to you for your refreshment

The Royal Beauty Treatment - 2 hours (USD 54 ++)
This 2,5 hours treatment provides you with total relaxation and allows you to unwind from the daily stress.
The masseuses will set off the treatment by soaking your feet in a warm camphor footbath. Using a peppermint scrub, the masseuses will then indulge you with a foot scrubbing. The scents from this scrub will prepare you to relax and enjoy.

Next follow a full body massage, using the relaxation technique combined with Lomi-Lomi.
An Ylang-Ylang scrub and body mask will be applied to the whole body. While the scrub and body mask dries, you will be given an acupressure massage on the face and head, and a nice and warm Lavender Ylang-Ylang bubble bath will be prepared.

To complete the treatment, a Lavender Ylang-Ylang body lotion, will be applied to your body and a cup of hot Jasmine tea will be offered to you.

The Melati Bath Ritual - 2 hours (USD 49 ++)
A reviving and stimulating combination of massage and bath. This treatment will not only pamper your body, but also your senses.

A camphor footbath and a full body wash, will commence the treatment. Next follows a full body massage using a Balinese massage technique, combined with deep stroked acupressure.

After 1 hour of full body massage, a flower milk scrub will be applied to your body. When the scrub has been peeled of, your flower milk bath will be ready. The final touch to the Melati Bath Ritual is a cup of hot Jasmine tea.

Relax & Rejuvenate - 1 hour (USD 24 ++)
An aromatic massage, which will heighten you senses, energize your body and stimulate your soul. Appeals to both men and women.

The Harmony of Akhyati 1,5 hours (USD 32 ++)
This traditional massage has been passed on through generation, and we at Akhyati can give you the experience of being pampered in full traditional Balinese style. This massage also offers you to become familiar with some other massage techniques, like acupressure, Swedish technique and the Hawaiian and Lomi-Lomi technique.This massage will renew your ability to concentrate and will sooth your soul, body and mind

Foot or Back Massage - 30 minutes (USD 15 ++)
Refreshing and stimulating the lower leg and back massage by the aromatic oils. This massage is good for relieving fever, muscle aches and improving blood circulation. A deeply relaxing path to health and harmony.

Manicure - 30 minutes (USD 15 ++)
Pedicure - 45 minutes (USD 18 ++)

Full nail grooming to beautify and pamper your hands and feet. These deluxe treatment include an aromatherapy hand or foot soak, traditional nail care, cuticle stimulation and nail polish. Choose the nail polish from our broad range of different colors.

The Akyati Facial - 1 hour (USD 24 ++)
Enjoy a stimulating and refreshing facial massage at the Akhyati spa. All Natural ingredients to cleanse, refine, restore and hydrate your skin.This 1 hour treatment will leave your skin glowing and free from impurities.